Canon Palmtronic 8

Canon Palmtronic 8 LD-84 Calculator

The Canon Palmtronic 8, also known as the LD-84, is a handheld calculator from the 1970s. It measures approximately 72mm x 130mm x 20mm and weighs 104g without batteries. The case is made of two-piece mottled black plastic with a metallic gold and black label displaying the Canon logo and model number. The springy keys have a soft click and are surrounded by a shiny brushed aluminum keyboard frame.

The Palmtronic 8 features an 8-digit blue vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) with a ninth digit used for negative numbers, error messages, and memory functions. It runs on two AA batteries or a 3V DC adapter. The main circuit board contains a NEC microprocessor, two transistors, five diodes, seven capacitors, four resistors, three resistor arrays, and one transformer.

This basic calculator can perform the four standard mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – along with percentages and square roots. It allows up to eight digits for negative numbers shown by a minus sign in the leftmost ninth digit. The logic system automatically applies constants and handles overflow and divide by zero errors gracefully. However, it does produce negative results for negative square roots.

Overall, the Canon Palmtronic 8 has a quality build and feel with good key action. It implements standard calculator functionality for its time with robust error handling. The two-piece plastic case and brushed metal accents give it an attractive 1970s style.

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