HP Calculator Values

Interested in what your vintage HP calculator is worth? Or, are you looking to buy one and aren’t sure of its market value? Check out the list of HP calculator models below.

Find the model you are interested in and click on Recent Sold Prices to see the most recent sale values on eBay. Clicking on Currently available will show calculators you can buy on eBay right now. These values are sorted from highest to lowest sale price.

HP-41CXValueCurrently Available
HP-35ValueCurrently Available
HP-80ValueCurrently Available
HP-45ValueCurrently Available
HP-65ValueCurrently Available
HP-70ValueCurrently Available
HP-55ValueCurrently Available
HP-21ValueCurrently Available
HP-22ValueCurrently Available
HP-25ValueCurrently Available
HP-25CValueCurrently Available
HP-27ValueCurrently Available
HP-29CValueCurrently Available
HP-19CValueCurrently Available
HP-91ValueCurrently Available
HP-92ValueCurrently Available
HP-67ValueCurrently Available
HP-97ValueCurrently Available
HP-97SValueCurrently Available
HP-01 WatchValueCurrently Available
HP-31EValueCurrently Available
HP-32EValueCurrently Available
HP-33EValueCurrently Available
HP-33CValueCurrently Available
HP-34CValueCurrently Available
HP-37EValueCurrently Available
HP-38CValueCurrently Available
HP-38EValueCurrently Available
HP-41CValueCurrently Available
HP-75CValueCurrently Available
HP-75DValueCurrently Available
HP-71BValueCurrently Available
HP-10CValueCurrently Available
HP-11CValueCurrently Available
HP-12CValueCurrently Available
HP-15CValueCurrently Available
HP-15C Limited EditionValueCurrently Available
HP-16CValueCurrently Available
HP-18CValueCurrently Available
HP-28CValueCurrently Available
HP-28SValueCurrently Available
HP-48SValueCurrently Available
HP-48SXValueCurrently Available