Sanyo ICC-808D

Sanyo ICC-808D

This is a very rare Sanyo ICC-808D calculator. As you can see it utilizes nixie tubes (gas discharge tubes) for the display. It uses algebraic logic, has 4 functions and 18 keys. It was made in 1972 and has a level of popularity based not upon its calculating abilities nor its retro design.  No, it has a large following because of its use in the movie Ghostbusters. In early shootings of the movie the characters had what they is called a “belt gizmo” which just happened to be made from Sanyo ICC-808D circuit boards.  Basically it looks like they took the top and bottom covers off and used what remained for the gizmo that hung from their belts.

Sanyo ICC-808D

So, given the fact the two groups of collectors show interest in the calculator, its price is correspondingly high and its supply low.  The Sanyo ICC-808D’s are pretty hard to find and usually sell for around $500+ when they become available.  There are also people that recreate the circuit boards for those that wish to create an authentic ghostbusters costume.

Sanyo ICC-808D Back

It is a neat looking calculator and definitely belongs in any calculator collection but you may find it difficult to get your hands on one. Even the non-functioning units are highly priced due to the fact that the Ghostbusters fans don’t really care whether the calculator works or not.

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3 thoughts on “Sanyo ICC-808D

  1. I have this exact calculator (calcurator)and I’m planning on putting it up for sale on ebay. It works just fine but is missing the cord. My ex mother in law almost threw it in the trash but I saved it because I like old stuff. Having the mispelling on the bottom, will that increase the value?

  2. Saya punya 1 unit Sanyo icc 808d kondisi normal jika and a butuh Saya bersedia menjualnya

  3. I have Sanyo ICC-82D in original condition with box in working status, for sale.
    Made in Japan
    Nabi Ahmed
    Cell: +92-313-2374636 & Whatsup

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