HP 70

HP 70

This HP 70 is a fairly difficult calculator to find in good working condition. It is a business calculator that Hewlett Packard offered as a lower end choice to the HP 80.  As you can see it has a unique color scheme with the orange keys and green/gray case.  It also does not have a shift key and the “Save” button was relabeled to “Enter”.  The HP 80 has two memory positions entered with the STO key followed by either the K or M buttons.  The HP 70 lasted only a short time on the market, hence its relative scarcity, and was supplanted just a year later by the HP 22 which had more features and was cheaper.

HP 70

Introduced in 1974 the HP 70 utilizes a LED display and RPN logic.  The top row of buttons are time value of money functions and it has 2 memory registers.  There was memory storage addition to the M register but not the K register.

As mentioned above the HP 70 was not on the market for very long which translates into few units produced and even fewer remaining today. So, collectors will pay a high price for it.  Sales in the $300-$400 range are not uncommon and can go higher if the condition is excellent and all accessories are included.

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