Adler 80C

The Adler 80C is an early handheld calculator from the 1970s. Manufactured in Germany by TA Vertriebs GmbH, it featured advanced technology for its time.


The Adler 80C has an unusual and aesthetically pleasing design. The metal body slides down to reveal the battery compartment, and has pronounced ridges on the sides for grip. The square brushed aluminum case gives it a premium feel. The keys are made of soft plastic in a variety of colors. Overall it looks sleek and modern.

Display and Electronics

The Adler 80C uses a 9-digit vacuum fluorescent display, which was quite advanced for a handheld calculator in 1975. This allowed the display of a full 8-digit number plus a negative sign. Internally, it uses a NEC microprocessor and a circuit board layout that was common among multiple brands.


Despite its sophistication, the Adler 80C is only a 4-function calculator with percentages. It lacks many of the advanced capabilities that became standard in later models, like scientific functions, programmability, or memory. The input method is reminiscent of RPN, requiring you to enter the operator after the operands. But it does include constants for multiplication and division.

Quality and Usability

The Adler 80C feels well-built and substantial. The display is bright and clear thanks to the angled filter. The manual is extensive, though the input method does take some learning. On the downside, the logic does not suppress overflow or divide by zero errors. But overall the Adler 80C was an impressive calculator for its day, meeting the needs of business users in the 1970s. Its unique design and display still make it interesting for electronics collectors today.

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