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  1. I am looking for the history of a Contex Weight Calculator made in Denmark. I cannot find the history on it.
    Thank you

  2. Phillip,
    I have 4 Pac’s of HP-65 magnetic cards. One Standard Pac 1, one Stat Pac 1, one E.E. Pac 1 General, and one case that has 40 magnetic cards; I assume they are blank. I would like to find them a good home. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Pamela Farver

  3. I have a CASIO MQ-12 calculator that I would like to sell. It is in beautiful condition (all functions work/no scratches). It comes with a leather case. New batteries. What is the value of this unit?

  4. Hi there, I have a Texas Instrument SR-16 (the first one) in perfect working condition, any idea what it’s worth?


  5. Hi, I have a SHARP ELSI MATE EL-5807 of late 70s in original box, case and papers, in perfect working condition, any idea what it’s worth? Cannot find any sales of this model, any referenc to it.

  6. i have sanyo icc 808d functioning normally, casio cq -2, casio cq-1, casio fx-102, and canon palmtronic 8s good condition
    if interested hub +6285814749400 indonesia

  7. I currently have an Ian Jones Mini calculator with a blue body and the original black vinyl zippered case. Very nice condition. Serial # 40471.
    Would be interested in selling this item.

  8. Hi, I have a vintage Casio fx 98 solar cell scientific calculator in excellent condition in protective plastic case. I bought this in Japan in the 70’s for navigation calculations and though it hasn’t been used for decades, it still works well.
    I wonder if anyone could kindly give me an estimation of the value of this,
    many Thanks, Will Barnes

  9. A Casio FX-98 sold recently on eBay for $47.00. It had no case and was a little beat up. Just search for “Casio fx 98” and click on “Sold Items” on the left hand column and you will see the listing with pictures. That being said I think it’s worth a lot more than that. It’s a hard calculator to find and pretty desirable among collectors. I saw one sell on eBay Italy for $255 a while back. Maybe create a “Saved Search” on eBay for “Casio FX-98” and it will send you a notice any time one comes up for sale. Then watch and see what it sells for. They are rare though so it might be awhile. Good luck!

  10. Raiko,
    Many thanks for your quick reply and info about Casio fx-98. I appreciate it,
    Regards, Will Barnes

  11. I have a brand new boxed HP 14-B Business Calculator, 50th anniversary edition. What would this be worth please.

  12. Looks like recent sales on eBay have averaged $20-$40. Depends on condition and accessories.

  13. Hi,
    I have my Dads HP35 with its carrying case. He purchased it a few months after it was is a version 1/Beige Case. It will be an estate item and I want to establish its current retail value but I cannot find any of this version for sale or has sold. Any suggestions about the value or where I could find that information?

  14. Hi, by beige case do you mean the calculator itself or a carrying case. The early version “red dot” calculators are worth around 10 times what a regular HP-35 is. But, the beige case prototype would be worth more than that. I don’t think any of those were sold to the public. You can check the versions HERE if you haven’t already. The beige case prototype is on the left. The early red dot versions have a small hole to the right of the on/off switch that turns a red color when the calculator is turned on.

  15. I have my late husband’s HP equipment from the 70’s. One HP Limited Edition # 20141, CNA 21101T3 calculator with leather case, ONE hp 2225b ThinkJaet PERSONAL PRINTER WITH REFERENCE MANUAL, battery, cords and leather case, along with HP personal Computer Software Library Series 70 Text Formatting Series 70, VisiCalc Series 70, all three in original slide boxes, a box of HP 82143A full of cords and odds and ends, of which I know nothing of. Do you know where I can take this to sell at a very good price? thank you for any help you can lend.
    Vivian Montgomery

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