Accuron 831

The Accuron 831 is an early desktop calculator from the 1970s. With its large square keys and bright green vacuum fluorescent display, it has a retro look that is distinctive of that era.

The Accuron 831 measures about 4.5 inches wide, 7 inches long, and 1.5 inches thick. It weighs around 11 ounces without batteries. The case has a two-tone design – the bottom is black with a textured pattern, the middle is smooth white plastic, and the top is smooth black plastic. This sandwich design was common on 1970s calculators.

Power comes from 4 C-size batteries or an AC adapter. The display is an 8-digit plus 1-digit green VFD that shows numbers and basic status indicators. There is also a small red LED that indicates memory usage. The calculator offers the four basic math functions, a constant switch, and a single memory register.

Inside, the electronics utilize older technology like transistors and diodes rather than integrated circuits. The main processor is a Texas Instruments TMS0132, which was introduced in 1974. This chip allows the Accuron 831 to perform calculations efficiently.

The keyboard uses distinctive square plastic keys with raised circular pads. They have a stiff, hollow feel when pressed. The layout places the numeric keys in the center, with math function keys on the right and utility keys on the left.

Overall, the Accuron 831 is a well-built, full-featured calculator for its time. It lacks more advanced functions like scientific or financial calculations. The design and technology reflect the transitional period of the mid 1970s, when handheld calculators were taking over from larger desktop models. For vintage electronics fans, devices like the Accuron 831 have an old-school appeal.

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